A housewife makes plans for a romantic evening with her husband


Mike and I had been married for a few years and he had
wanted kids the entire time we’ve been married. I had
resisted his wish for children at first as I was
focused on my career more than starting a family. One
day I decided I was ready to fulfill his wish. I was
going to surprise him by giving him a baby. I secretly
went off the pill and used a diaphragm for a few

Then when I decided it was finally time I made excuses
for not having sex until I was ovulating. If you knew
how much my husband, Mike loved sex than you would
wonder how I kept sex from him for so long. It wasn’t
an easy task. That night I planned to seduce Mike,
reveal my naughty plan and let him, “knock me up.” That
isn’t exactly what happened.

I got home from work to find him in a cranky mood. He’d
stopped off from work and had a few drinks with a few
of his buddies that night. Before I even new what was
happening we were having a raging fight about some
trivial thing. I was so pissed, my plan was falling
apart and I just walked out and slammed the door. I
went straight to my friend, Silvia’s house. I told her
what happened and she convinced me to go out to the bar
with her. We got wasted.

At one point I was dancing with an attractive black guy
named Marc and I had such a good buzz, I did nothing
when he started to feel me up. Then we were grinding on
the dance floor and I was getting wet. I felt his huge
hard black dick rub against me and it sent shivers of
delight through my body.

I figured at this point that I should leave and looked
around for my friend, Silvia. People at the bar said
she’d left the bar with a tall slim man a few moments
ago. I walked back to our table and found Marc waiting
for me to return.

I reached across the table to grab my purse when my
breasts rubbed against his shoulder stimulating both
Marc and I. That’s when he reached out and put his
large arm around my waist pulling me down closer as he
planted his thick black lips onto mine.

Somehow we ended up at his apartment and we were
making out on his sofa feeling each other up hungrily
by his time. I can’t really blame it on being drunk.
The alcohol definitely made me bolder, but I was horny
as hell and deep down I think I wanted my husband Mike
to pay for ruining my night.

Our kissing became more urgent and I soon realized we
had gotten out of our clothes. Marc had me pinned back
on the sofa as he climbed on top of my petite body. He
began rubbing his wonderful cock up and down my slit
sending waves of excitement through my body.

I was still not sure if I wanted him to fuck me but I
was getting hotter and hotter. My whole body trembled
as I lifted my head up just enough so I could see that
magnificent black cock sliding along my married white
pussy mound.

I knew I shouldn’t be here with this man. I should be
home with my husband enjoying sex with him right now.
Marc had my arms up over my head holding me down as his
body eased further between my white thighs.

I decided to relax and leave it up to him. To my
delight he began slowly pushed his big black dick into
my pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he methodically
worked his cock inside me. When he hit bottom and our
pubic bones met, I felt fuller than I had ever been. I
felt his cock push against my cervix and squealed with

He leaned down and planted his thick black lips onto
mine. We passionately kissed as he pulled back out
leaving that giant black cock head just inside my tight
pussy and lunged forward again. Then he began to fuck
me with a steady rhythm moving his huge black cock in
and out with expert skill.

Each time he pushed against my cervix I felt the most
intense wave of pleasure overtake me. Soon he was
fucking me faster and harder, continuing to bottom out
against my cervix with each stroke.

Marc finally released my arms allowing me to hold onto
his forearms as he plunged in and out of my tight
married pussy. It felt wonderful having such a large
thick shaft inside me.

Then suddenly my heart skipped a beat as I realized I
had not put my diaphragm in. I had been planning on
fucking my husband and letting him impregnate me
tonight. In my anger and then in the heat of this
incredible fuck with Marc I had forgotten.

I should have stopped him, but pure pleasure had
overtaken my body. As I felt his big black cock stiffen
and swell, my pussy was overtaken by more pleasure than
I thought possible.

My body released into the most incredible orgasm I have
ever felt. It seemed to last forever and I was still in
the middle of it when I felt Marc begin to blast his
potent African seed deep inside my fertile pussy.

His huge black cock was pressed hard against my cervix
as he shot his thick seed into my fertile pussy. I
locked my legs around him and screamed, “Oh yes! Cum
inside me you big handsome black stud!”

My body had taken over and it was pure pleasure as I
reached down and milked every drop of cum from his huge
black ball sack with my thin white fingers. I was
suddenly filled with joy over being impregnated by this

Mark finally pulled out leaving a thick trail of cum
from the head of his black cock to the entrance of my
well used pussy. I tired to move up a little causing my
pussy to flutter. It was a loud wet sound mixed with
air and Marc’s potent cum.

He told me to wait while he ran to fetch me a towel. I
quickly pressed it against my pussy and hobbled toward
his bathroom to wash up. I sat on the toilet listening
to Marc’s cum drip down into the bowel before I started
to pee. I cleaned myself off as best as I could before
walking out into the living room to retrieve my clothes
that were piled on the floor.

I quickly dressed and gave Marc a kiss before writing
my phone number down on a little pad of paper. I got
home really late. Mike was still up watching television
in our bedroom. I got undressed hoping I had cleaned
off all traces of Marc’s cum from my body. I crawled
into bed giving Mike a wet open mouth kiss.

He told me how sorry he was and we hugged before having
wild sex that night. Mike wasn’t as big as Marc but he
was too drunk to even notice the difference of how
stretched out my pussy was that night.

That was five months ago. My belly is beginning to
swell larger each day as I wonder who the father of my
baby will be. If it’s black, I’ll have to explain
everything that happen that night to my husband.

Marc has called me many times since that night but I
keep putting him off until I find out who the father of
my baby will be. I can only wait and wonder how Mike
will feel if the stud is black.