A good student gets a very special award


“Karen, that’s wonderful! I’m so proud – dean’s list
three times running. Of course I pulled over. You know I
don’t like to speak on the phone while driving. No, just
picked up some dry cleaning… no, Daddy’s working
late… I was just going home for another supper alone.
Thanks, love you, too!”

Vivienne Wu hung up and, for the first time noticed her
surroundings, Willow Grove’s notorious red light
district. When her daughter had called, she had stopped
on Pepper Street. With the tinted glass of her
convertible, it was impossible for pedestrians to
discern who was driving. “Lucky for me,” Vivienne
thought amusedly, as her hand went to the gearshift. “It
wouldn’t do for Officer Flynn to think Colin was looking
for ‘action’ at five o’clock in the evening!”

A tap at her window caught her attention. Unnoticed,
someone had sidled up to the driver’s side and was now
peering in vain to make out the driver. Automatically
out of politeness, Vivienne pushed the down button for
the window. “She’ll see it’s a woman and go away,” she

As the tinted glass rolled down, Vivienne was struck by
the prostitute’s stunning appearance. Nearly six feet
tall in ludicrously high heels, the tan woman had
luxuriant titian hair that cascaded past her bottom. Her
tresses were longer than her fluorescent tangerine
dress, which clung to her curves as though painted on. A
bright lime-green shoulder bag dangled from the woman’s
left wrist, and a slim black bidi cigarette wisped smoke
between her slender fingers. This was the most sensuous
person of either sex Vivienne had ever seen.

“Hello,” she smiled, a little crookedly. “I am Manuela.
You like?”

“He-hello,” Vivienne hesitated. “Yes, I like.”

Manuela bent to bring her face through the open window.
Her scent, strawberries and citrus, wafted over
Vivienne, like waves on a beach.

“Mmmm… you are Chinese?” Vivienne could only mutely

“I’ve never had a Chinese woman before,” Manuela
whispered, as she brought her full lips to Vivienne’s

“Please, please get in,” Vivienne managed, hoarsely.
Manuela brushed her painted lips lightly over Vivienne’s
mouth. Vivienne involuntarily closed her eyes, knuckles
white on the steering wheel. The tan woman’s orange
lacquered fingernails brushed Vivienne’s flaming cheek.
The fragrance of the vanilla-flavored tobacco on
Manuela’s breath exhilarated Vivienne.

“I think I will,” Manuela breathed.

Opening her eyes, Vivienne couldn’t remove her sight
from Manuela’s form, as she slunk sinuously to the
passenger’s side. Closing her door, Manuela simply took
Vivienne’s face in both her hands and kissed her full on
the mouth. Tongues intertwined and searched, dueling in
amorous contest with both emerging victorious. Vivienne
couldn’t refrain from moaning from deep in her throat as
the exquisite sensations overcame her. She finally broke
the kiss, to regain her breath and composure.


“I enjoyed that,” admitted Manuela. “Where can we go?”

Vivienne considered. She didn’t feel right inviting
Manuela to her home, and she didn’t know her well enough
yet to invite herself to Manuela’s place.

“Let’s go to the Cosmopolitan.”

“But that’s in Central City!”

“It’s twenty minutes on the Interstate. They make a
terrific Caesar,” Vivienne cringed as she heard herself
trying to make small talk with this erotic creature.

Manuela grinned.

“Why not?”

The sleek black BMW sped away into the twilight.

“Baby, I’m gonna show you the time of your life.” There
seemed to be no appropriate response, so Vivienne kept
her silence until they approached the hotel.

“Shall we eat first?” asked Vivienne politely, as they
pulled into the parking area. She blushed furiously as
Manuela only leered at her in reply.

“You know what I mean!”

“Business before pleasure, honey.”

“All right. I’ve never done this before, you know.”

“Leave it to me.” Manuela got out and went around to
Vivienne’s window.

“I’ll be right back.”

Five minutes later, she returned with a key.

“I promise you, this is going to be really special,”
smiled Manuela.

Hand in hand, like it was the most natural thing in the
world, the women strolled into the luxury hotel. They
took the elevator, fingers still clasped, eyeing each
other with mutual interest and curiosity.

Manuela opened the door for Vivienne and ushered her in,
hand in the small of her back. She closed it quietly
behind them, fumbling for a moment in her purse.

Breathing deeply, Vivienne took in a glance around the
room, nodding her approval. When her eyes eventually
returned to her sexy companion, she was shocked to see
Manuela, hip out-slung, brandishing handcuffs and a
chained badge on her index finger!

“Okay, sweetie, don’t make this any harder on yourself
than it needs to be. You’re under arrest. You have the
right to remain silent. Anything you say can be…”

The words blurred together. Vivienne could only think
numbly of the scandal as her hands were manacled behind
her. What would Colin say?

“You don’t mind if I pat you down, honey?” Manuela
asked, half-apologetically. “I’m sorry, it’s

Vivienne shut her eyes tightly and shook her head. On
the verge of tears, she didn’t trust herself to speak.

Manuela grinned, fished a white-and-red tin from her
handbag. She popped a couple of round white mints into
her mouth, and rubbed her hands together. Vivienne
flinched slightly at the contact of her warm hand on her

Despite herself, Vivienne trembled with excitement and
arousal. From behind her, Manuela slipped Vivienne’s
blazer off her shoulders, and let it slip down to her
bound wrists. Gently, she moved her hands over
Vivienne’s shoulders, her arms and her torso. The
Chinese woman stiffened abruptly when she felt Manuela’s
hands cup her large, firm breasts.

“You are very excited by this, yes?”

Bewildered, Vivienne didn’t know what to do. Practiced
fingers tease her nipples, rigid from fear and arousal.

Manuela felt Vivienne involuntarily respond to her
touch. She continued her examination, letting her palms
linger over those marvelous tits before uncupping them.

“What do we have here?” she asked rhetorically, as she
unbuttoned the front of Vivienne’s blouse.

“Oh, concealed weapons?”

She nimbly unclasped the front of Vivienne’s frilly
black bra.

“Hmmm, this calls for a closer look.”

Vivienne couldn’t help but open her eyes at that. She
gaped as she watched the top of that luxuriant mane bend
toward her bosom. Now, she could smell the strong odor
of peppermint on Manuela’s breath. Hot breath seemed to
sear her naked breast. She felt her own mouth work
spasmodically, as an icy/spicy tongue burned the tip of
her nipple.

Manuela expertly teased Vivienne’s brown nipples to
rock-hard attention, her hands sensuously playing over
her own body under Vivienne’s rapt gaze. Her hazel eyes
caught Vivienne’s and she winked seductively, rolling
her tongue lasciviously between half-open lips.

Fascinated, Vivienne watched as Manuela slowly knelt,
and eased a finger into her mouth, moistening it. With
her other hand, she unfastened Vivienne’s skirt while
her helpless captive reflexively moved her hips towards
her touch. They were so close to each other Vivienne
could see Manuela’s pupils dilate as her gaze lingered
approvingly on her toned thighs.

As the skirt dropped to the carpet, Manuela used her wet
finger to draw down the elastic of Vivienne’s panties.
She noted with satisfaction that the standing woman’s
juices freely flowed from a dripping pussy. She extended
her tongue as far as she could, to tease the dark folds
apart so their glistening moisture could continue to
please her eye.

Mesmerized, Vivienne stifled a moan as she watched
Manuela impishly wrinkle her nose while lapping at her
drooling cunt. With her clothing dangling behind her
from bound arms, she somehow felt more naked than had
she been totally nude.

Manuela’s peppermint-laced tongue felt like a red-hot
poker against her oozing snatch. She had to have more of
that electric tongue, or explode!

“C’mon over here, sugar. Mama needs better — uh,
light,” Manuela panted.

She towed her compliant charge to the king-sized bed.

Obediently, Vivienne sat and splayed her legs for
Manuela. The brown woman bent and caressed Vivienne’s
feet, still clad in stylish black pumps, before crossing
her arms and pulling her orange spandex dress over her
head to reveal a magnificent body, toffee-colored all

Vivienne’s eyes widened as she saw Manuela’s bleached
blonde pubic hair. She licked her lips in anticipation
as Manuela swung her long legs onto the bed.

“What do you think of my ‘special’ treatment?” Manuela
asked, lightly raking her own body with long nails. She
kittenishly pouted for Vivienne, hands cupping the
opulent mounds of her golden breasts.

“You were right, it is very special,” purred Vivienne
into her ear. Hands still behind her, she bent to take
the tip of Manuela’s left breast into her hungry mouth.

The hard lozenge of flesh was the biggest Vivienne had
ever seen. The pink pyramid was fully an inch long, and
its resilience felt divine between Vivienne’s teeth. She
savored the dewy moistness adorning the turgid nipple
even as she gobbled greedily. Vivienne could taste the
sweetness of tobacco on Manuela’s body. It excited her

Vivienne was gratified to feel Manuela’s body writhe in
reaction to her ministrations. She felt totally
dominated as Manuela clutched her hair with her left
hand, and used her right to guide Vivienne’s mouth to
her own for a kiss.

Heavy-lidded with lust, her eyes rolled back in her head
and finally shut. Peppermint passion flooding her mouth
and her senses. The hot tongue searched greedily, danced
enticingly with her own, then thrust insistently.

Both women moaned in concert as the heat of their
lovemaking reached fever pitch. Hands still chained
together, Vivienne nuzzled Manuela’s damp sex as well as
she could, urging herself forwards with elbows and

“Ooooohh, mmmm, baby,” Manuela sighed, shifting her
thighs to clamp gently on Vivienne’s head to afford her
better access. “That’s it – oh, yeah!”

Vivienne salivated as she warmed to her task, Manuela’s
lush muskiness washing over her eager nose, her cheek,
her chin.

Unencumbered, Manuela used her fingers, lips and tongue
to devastating effect on Vivienne’s labia, clitoris and
sopping love-tunnel. She felt her own climax mounting as
Vivienne’s supine form wriggled orgasmically. “Ahh…
that… feels…wonderful…”

“Mmmmh – nngh! Ngh! Mmm!” came Vivienne’s muffled reply.

“Oh, God! I’m going to… going to… Oh! Ohhh! Oh! OH!
OOOH! YESS!” Manuela screamed out her climax as she felt
her warm love-syrup gush into Vivienne’s sucking mouth.

At the instant of Manuela’s release, Vivienne felt
herself go over the edge.

She spewed her hot cum all over Manuela’s face.

Now moaning softly, Manuela rubbed her face and hair
into Vivienne’s juice-laden thighs. Her flushed face
looked tenderly into Vivienne’s.

She sat up, stroking Vivienne’s hair.

“We’ve got all night, baby. What can Manuela do for you

Vivienne considered for a moment. “Would you… smoke
for me?”